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Pathfinder Bits and Bobs

Pathfinder Bits and Bobs

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The Pathfinder has got a bit of mush in the trigger and we all prefer blasters to be snappy,

The Bits and Bobs option gets you a shortened mag release paddle, an extended release paddle, and a drop-in trigger* solution to help you find "da wae."

The trigger is printed in SLS nylon to ensure reliability, and thus only comes in grey.

I repeat, trigger only comes in SLS Nylon grey.**

*Trigger only available as supplies last as we look into a trigger for the V2 of the Pathfinder now on store shelves.

**Hasbro has adjusted the Pathfinder product. Fine tuning/filing of the trigger may be required to get the most out of your trigger as it is designed strictly for the first run of the Pathfinder. The price of this product has been reduced to compensate in case we run out or you have a revised Pathfinder.