Always double check your address!

Hello new friend!

If you’re reading this, thanks! Whether you're finding my website for the first time or have been following my content for some time, reaching this page is only possible through a curiosity about my work and that means a tremendous amount to me.

My name is Drac Thalassa and I have been making and competing with custom modified and homemade blasters for nearly 15 years. This isn’t a marketing claim either; my entire collected tinkerings can be found on my YouTube channel, LordDraconical. I initially only sought to create things to elevate my own play, but things quickly spiraled out of control once I began to share them with others. While these creations may have wandered from my workshop over the years, they have always followed this simple rule: Anything that leaves is something that I would be excited to carry into battle personally.

From my humble armory, I offer you the finest foam flinging parts and blasters I can forge from polymer, metal, and of course a dash of experience. Everything is tuned for a solid balance of performance vs longevity, and if it strikes your fancy, perhaps some aesthetic flair as well.

I hope you find your stay here enjoyable, and that we may one day meet on the battlefield.
Yours Eternal,
// Drac Thalassa