Always double check your address!


Shipping, returns, order changes
If there is an issue with your order and it hasn't shipped yet, we will do our best to change it as soon as notified.  Please email and include your order number.  Be specific as possible.

If your order fails to deliver due to customer error, we will do our best to correct the issue on our end but we will not refund shipping or ship to an identical address.  We will refund the product upon receiving it undamaged and encourage you to reorder with a corrected address.

Product Quality Concerns
If you receive a part that you believe to be unacceptable for any reason please email and include your order number. Be specific as possible and ideally include photos regarding what you believe to be the issue.  We will do our best to identify and correct product issues.  However, once a package ships it is no longer within our control.  We only ship using services that provide tracking information so please intercept your package as early as possible to avoid heat damage.  If a package feels hot upon receipt allow it to cool before opening to help avoid damage.
While Foam Pro Shop does do custom work for products offered on the shop, this is not the place to request commissions from Drac.  For something like that please reach out to him via his various social media outlets.
Shipping Policy
We ship five days a week and most orders ship within 24 hours.  That said, we do print-to-order on the vast majority of our products and depending on blaster releases we do experience back-orders.  If you have any questions regarding and order please reach out to after checking your tracking number if available.